Voice Classes for non-majors (VC161, 162, 261, 262, 521, 522)

The human voice is a complex mechanism capable of great expression, a range of coordinated motion from basic speech to the highly athletic act of singing over an orchestra, and above all else, meaningful communication.

These courses seeks to:

  • introduce undergraduate and graduate level instrumental students to a basic physiological understanding of the voice, its suboptimal, optimal, and super-optimal use;
  • illuminate the paradoxes that must be understood and overcome to cultivate a solid and reliable singing technique;
  • teach the student to use their voice in an optimal manner regardless of stylistic considerations;
  • impart a vocabulary to describe optimal and successfully expressive singing, and to cultivate a critical ear when listening to singers;
  • and strengthen and develop (through classroom exercises, clear and simple take home exercises, and individual coaching) each student’s individual voice and ability to comfortably sing in public.

Voice Class Syllabus
Voice Class Assignments Page